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ERRE architecture emerges as an architectural design firm focused on creating residential and institutional spaces of exceptional quality and warmth, which entirely cover all operating and performance requirements.

Our goal as a group of specialists in design, planning and construction is effectively integrate all elements involving an architectural and interior design project: the needs of the end user, site characteristics, the function for each space and environment desired .

We carry out architectural projects from the conceptual stage to executive including the development of plans for procedures and authorizations, and coordination of technical documents by specialty (structure, facilities, voice and data, climate control, etc.).


ERRE is a constant, vibrant and simple sound, concepts that define us. The "R" unveils values ​​such as the constant innovation of styles: a deep search and analysis of contemporary design needs and trends; not to pursue a past form, but to actually start from zero and meet the needs of each project; the releability of each of his works; and the total responsibility of all processes.

Consonant: Presence of an obstacle. Simple: What can be doubled or duplicated, but it is not. Vibrant: Move repeatedly, quickly in a very short span, to another side of your equilibrium position.

Today our architecture is aimed at people looking to have spaces designed specifically for them, an architecture made to measure. It involves enjoying with us all the processes and stages of design and construction to achieve what was ultimately designed only for YOU.


Our strategy is simple:

Innovative creative language, based on our constant search and analysis of contemporary design trends. 

Constant throughout all stages of project development monitoring, providing excellent personalized attention to our customers, enabling them to have a true picture and update the progress of the contract.

Using this scheme work, we can guarantee the delivery of a single product and satisfaction for those who purchase our services.


We are a multidisciplinary group of architects and designers who together develop high quality works. From the design, construction and even interior design, we focus on lifestyle, functionality and vanguard.


Architect / Construction


Architect / Projects




Architect / Construction

For us, a work is important from the project to the delivery. We are totally involved in the whole process and we maintain a constant monitoring in the work, since we seek the complete satisfaction of our clients, through a personalized attention.